Capitanio Airpumps srl

Diaphragm Pumps, Piston Pumps, Valves, Pulsation Dampeners, Special Applications

The Company

Capitanio Airpumps srl realizes, since 1979, both air operated diaphragm and piston pumps for any type of liquid, even customized. Adjustable flow-rate and outlet pressure, even reversible, CE and ATEX certifications. All products and all pumps parts are MADE IN ITALY.


Each Capitanio products could be customized following customer exigencies. Special application is our standard.


Capitanio is the owner of many patents such as the innovative “Diaphragm Process Valves” , the "No Puls Pulsation Dampener" and the “Reversible Pump”

Engineering and Support

Our engineers can provide support for machinery, plants and automations design.



Highlights Products

  • 1/2" Diaphragm Pump with PTFE fluid side PLUS Stainless Steel Screws Flanged Inlet/Outlet Ports Virgin or glass filled PTFE CE and Atex 3g certified

  • 2" Diaphragm Pump with Stainless Steel fluid side PLUS Wet parts in Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 CIP - Cleaning in Place Available with replaceable ball valves or flap (clapet) valves Includes a Wheeled Stainless Steel Kart or  360° Adjustable Inlet and Outlet Ports CE and Atex 3g certified

  • Double diaphragm pulsation dampener for fluidsPneumatically driven Main Features Great pulsation reduction Capitanio Airpumps patent Reduced Vibrations on pipes and pump Available in different materials Sturdy design, machined from solid

  • Double diaphragm poppet process valve3 WayPneumatically driven Main Features High longevity No dragging No gaskets Available in different materials Sturdy design, machined from solid Extremely versatile Modular

  • All pumps can be supplied with two air inlets, to allow direct operation and control by PLC. This way it is possible to directly control the number of cycles and the flow rateof the pump.The PLC will have to manage the pump like a standard double-acting cylinder, connecting to the pump air inlets a 5-way solenoid valve. (e.g. Solenoid valve 5/2).